Exit Veil Image featuring main character Tori
Image of a coin from the Coins suit of Tarot

EXIT VEIL is an occult-themed JRPG with a fully integrated tarot deck currently in development for PC and consoles.

In EXIT VEIL you step into the role of Tori, a young woman desperately lost and cut off from our world, struggling to come to terms with her new reality as it crumbles and decays around her.

Deep within the Labyrinthine Realms lies the source of decay, relentlessly destroying all it touches.

Can Tori pacify the heart of it all and heal the realms? Will she ever find her way home?

successfully funded with link to Exit Veil kickstarter page

Queen of Wands image, two figures holding wands with fire

A screenshot from Exit Veil of a dark underground chamber with the main character in the foreground.

image of Exit Veil Tarot deck and a selection of cards

A tarot deck for self-insight and meditation

Both in-game and in real life, the EXIT VEIL Tarot focuses on healing and self-reflection. The tarot cards unlock and augment abilities in-game, and the printed tarot deck can be used to support personal healing.

This deck features completely original designs from Cherrymochi's Imazato.

Imazato Signature: Art by Imazato

The VEIL is thinning...

An image of a human heart impaled by three swords

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